15 January 2019 / Angers, France
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15 January 2019
Angers, France
VIBE 2019

How to register?

  1. Click on REGISTER and connect with your professional email account or your LinkedIn account
  2. Complete your availabilities
  3. Describe your organisation
  4. Introduce your business expectations by entering a high quality report of "product" or "service" or "partnership cooperation" or "expertise" via the MARKETPLACE

Your registration is checked and then validated by the organiser.

Once accepted, you are visible by all the attendees, and your profile is promoted and published on the website. 

You can modify every information once connected.

How to schedule meetings?

  1. Log on to your personal account profile
  2. Search for other participants' interesting profiles
  3. Click on BOOK MEETING to request meetings with them

You are free to customize the request with a personalized note, only visible by the recipient.

Bookings are assigned on the "First Come - First Served" principle. The more you wait, the higher is the possibility that interesting profiles' agenda would already be fully booked.

Accept or decline meetings

You can constantly check the accepted meetings online. How? By clicking on MEETINGS.

Any change? Modification?

Contact us !

You can't modify by yourself any time slot once the meeting is accepted. You need to contact the MAIN organiser in order to do it.

You want to cancel a meeting? Just do it! Connect to your account, go on the meeting and click on CANCEL. 

Please, do not forget to inform the organiser and the person you were supposed to meet by sending an email via the system.


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Australia 1
Belgium 2
China 1
Denmark 1
France 59
Germany 2
Hungary 1
India 2
Israel 1
Italy 4
Kenya 2
Lebanon 2
Mexico 1
Netherlands 5
Poland 2
Romania 1
Russia 1
Spain 5
Thailand 1
Tunisia 12
Total 106