15 January 2019 / Angers, France
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15 January 2019
Angers, France
VIBE 2019

By registering to the VIBE meetings, you agree with the Event related Terms and Conditions:

  • Allow the organisers to promote your cooperation profiles through the Enterprise Europe Network market place
  • Reply in due time to meeting requests from other matchmaking participants
  • Actively scout in the list of participants for interesting cooperation partners to meet
  • Inform organisers and other involved participants if you are not able to attend a meeting
  • Reply in due time to the online feedback form sent by organisers, regarding this matchmaking event
  • Inform the organizers when a cooperation with one of the other matchmaking participants is started
  • After starting cooperation, contribute to a short Impact Survey


Closed since 10 January 2019



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Australia 1
Belgium 2
China 1
Denmark 1
France 59
Germany 2
Hungary 1
India 2
Israel 1
Italy 4
Kenya 2
Lebanon 2
Mexico 1
Netherlands 5
Poland 2
Romania 1
Russia 1
Spain 5
Thailand 1
Tunisia 12
Total 106